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This is a list of products that I've used and find helpful and gunsmiths that I've used and had success with. None of the items/people listed here have given me anything. I've bought all of these and so can recommend them based on my experience, uncolored by freebies.

  • TG Reapers Aluminum Carrier. This is a part that fits in the toggle link rifles and reduces the amount of weight moved by the lever, thereby making the rifle easier to cycle and keep on target. This item should be fit and installed by a gunsmith. Sells for $100. Contact TG Reaper at: for more information.

  • Cody Conager, Gunsmith. Cody is (in my opinion) the best gunsmith going for the toggle link rifles. He also does a heck of a job on Colts and Clones. You can't go wrong sending your gun to Cody. His web site is at:

  • Lassiter, Gunsmith. Lassiter built the Rugers that I am shooting now. Top line work. His phone number is: 937-687-1039.

  • Rod Kibler, Leather Worker. Rod builds top notch cowboy leather. He can be reached at: 706-778-3753.

  • Eagle Grips. I use Eagle Gunfighter Grips on my Vaqueros. It's a really good grip that fits my hands well.

  • With Winning In Mind. This is a book by Olympic Shooting Champion Lanny Bassham. He does a great job explaining how to improve the mental aspect of shooting. Available from Evil Roy.

  • Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals. This book by renowned pistol shooter Brian Enos is probably the best material for learning mental preparation and the techniques required to shoot fast and accurately. Available at

  • More to come


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