Friends, family, television, and radio all play crucial roles in influencing individuals on various themes, such as new trends, news, and healthy diet ideas. However, a substantial portion of the male and female population view magazines from stands around Singapore as good sources of information and expertise. Magazines have always provided individuals of both genders with amusement, knowledge, and inspiration.

#1 Gender-specific Content

Magazines aimed at men and women traditionally feature different types of content. Men’s magazine options focus on topics like sports, cars, and technology. On the other hand, magazines for women often feature articles on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and relationships.

#2 Shift Towards Gender-neutral Content

There has been a recent shift towards more gender-neutral content in magazines. It is accurate for listicles, which people can find in a men’s magazine or lifestyle publications.

#3 Appeal to Wider Audiences

Even fashion and beauty magazines around Singapore now aim to attract readers of all genders, ages, and interests by featuring listicles on various topics. It allows them to increase their readership and ultimately boost their advertising revenue.

#4 Easy to Read and Share

Listicles are perfect for people who are short on time or just looking for a quick read. They are also easy to share on social media. Writing listicles rather than traditional articles ensures fashion and beauty magazines around Singapore can reach a wider audience.

#5 Reinforcement of Gender Stereotypes

However, listicles can potentially reinforce male and female stereotypes in magazines published in Singapore by focusing on topics traditionally associated with one gender. Some articles exclusively written for women might fortify the idea that they should always try to look attractive to men. Similarly, listicles exclusively for men might reinforce that men should always be gritty and self-reliant.

#6 Diversifying Voices and Perspectives

Publishers should be aware of what they send through their listicles, whether they cater to the male or the female population. They should strive to present diverse perspectives and voices in their content.

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