Evaporative air cooler works well in low humidity areas, by evaporating water into the air, and this provides a natural and energy-efficient way of cooling the air in this area. This particular device functions basically on the principle of evaporation which involves the passage of hot outdoor air through water-saturated pads, and the water in the pad evaporate afresh in a form of new air to the atmosphere, and this usually reduces the temperature of the air by about 15 degrees Celcius to 40 degrees Celcius before it is been released back into the atmosphere of the environment it is put, most of the time, homes, confined workspace, or a gym center.

Usually, when using an evaporative air cooler it is imperative that the space where it is being used have its windows partially opened to allow warm indoor air escape as it is been replaced with another cooler air from the cooling device through the process of evaporation. And compare to other cooling devices such as a central air conditioning system that only gets to recycle the same air, an evaporative air cooler produces a consistent stream of fresh and clean air into the house.

We must be conversant with the fact that portable air coolers cost a relatively low amount to set up or install compared to setting up a central air conditioning system, you will literally have to spend double, if not more of what it will take you to set up an air conditioning system. However, they tend to require frequent maintenance compare to other cooling devices, even though it is frequent it is quite very cheap to maintain and with less stress. They are at their best performance when used in areas with low humidity.

These devices are rated by cubic feet per minute (CFM) of the air that they produce to the house or the space they are been used, while most models of evaporative air cooler range from about 3,000 to 25, 000 CFM. Experts also recommend that enough air moving capacity of about 20 to 40 air changes per hour is provided, which actually depends on the climate condition.

As a conclusion of this article, an evaporative air cooler is supposed to have at least two speeds and a vent-only option. And when it is vent-only operation, the water pump is in a state of hibernation meaning that it does not work and the outdoor air is not humidified. There is still a whole of things to delve into regarding this device, you can surf other of our articles to ensure that you have a broad knowledge before making a choice of owning an evaporative air cooler.

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