Friends, family, television, and radio all play crucial roles in influencing individuals on various themes, such as new trends, news, and healthy diet ideas. However, a substantial portion of the male and female population view magazines from stands around Singapore as good sources of information and expertise. Magazines have always provided individuals of both genders with amusement, knowledge, and inspiration.

#1 Gender-specific Content

Magazines aimed at men and women traditionally feature different types of content. Men’s magazine options focus on topics like sports, cars, and technology. On the other hand, magazines for women often feature articles on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and relationships.

#2 Shift Towards Gender-neutral Content

There has been a recent shift towards more gender-neutral content in magazines. It is accurate for listicles, which people can find in a men’s magazine or lifestyle publications.

#3 Appeal to Wider Audiences

Even fashion and beauty magazines around Singapore now aim to attract readers of all genders, ages, and interests by featuring listicles on various topics. It allows them to increase their readership and ultimately boost their advertising revenue.

#4 Easy to Read and Share

Listicles are perfect for people who are short on time or just looking for a quick read. They are also easy to share on social media. Writing listicles rather than traditional articles ensures fashion and beauty magazines around Singapore can reach a wider audience.

#5 Reinforcement of Gender Stereotypes

However, listicles can potentially reinforce male and female stereotypes in magazines published in Singapore by focusing on topics traditionally associated with one gender. Some articles exclusively written for women might fortify the idea that they should always try to look attractive to men. Similarly, listicles exclusively for men might reinforce that men should always be gritty and self-reliant.

#6 Diversifying Voices and Perspectives

Publishers should be aware of what they send through their listicles, whether they cater to the male or the female population. They should strive to present diverse perspectives and voices in their content.

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Fruits are very important for the human body. It is not always possible to go out and get fresh fruits. Mainly during the pandemic periods, it is highly impossible to get fresh fruits. Many people have adapted to various methods like store durian in the refrigerator (เก็บ ทุเรียน ตู้ เย็น, which is the term in Thai), pot storages, etc. Here are a few ways to store your fruits fresh for a longer duration.

Clean Berries With Hot Water

If you want to store berries for a longer duration, clean them with hot water. When washed with hot water all the germs, bacteria, and spores are killed making the berries stay fresh for longer durations. The process of cleaning with hot water is called thermotherapy.

Process For Thermotherapy

  • Clean the berries with hot water at 125 degrees and for around 40 seconds.
  • Remove them from water and clean them with a dry towel.
  • Leave them to air for a minute and let them breathe.
  • Now, store them in plastic boxes and use them when needed.

Store Green Leafy Vegetable In A Paper

It is always suggested to eat green leafy vegetables in less than 3 days after picking them up from the farms. If you want to store them for a bit longer, wrapping them in a paper towel is an efficient way. But make sure that you’re not washing them and then storing them. This may result in moisture and the leafy vegetables might get spoiled. So, store them in a paper towel without any moisture.

Keep Fruits Separately

All of us know the saying, “one spoiled apple can spoil all the good apples in the box”. The same happens in the refrigerator. When all fruits are kept together a few of them might have moisture and spoil the other fruits too. So, storing them separately will help the fruits stay fresh for longer durations.

This is how you can store fruits fresh for longer durations. Always try to keep your fruits in the place they are meant to be. For example, tomatoes should be stored in the fresh tray below the freezer, bananas should be stored by peeling, and never store fruits after chopping them to pieces. When the chopped pieces are exposed to the air, they turn in black and lose the nutrients in them. Once they lose their color then consuming those fruits is of no use. So, make sure you are storing them properly.

Paramus, cited as a “quintessentially suburban” city in NJ, is home to nine cemeteries and a sizeable number of headstone and monument makers. So if you’re looking for signature headstones in Paramus, NJ, to honor your loved ones, you can be sure of finding befitting stone memorabilia here. Meanwhile, standard flat grave markers in Paramus start at $1,500, garden monuments for home memorialization cost around $400, and upright headstones begin at $1,700.

However, getting a headstone isn’t a problem; instead, maintaining it is the real challenge. Most people think about the monument’s design when picking a headstone (since it is a lasting tribute to a loved one), but you want the headstone to be memorable AND durable. However, external factors like rain, dust, sun, and snow influence the stones’ lifespans. And there are no shortcuts or cheap fixes when it comes to headstone maintenance. So, the following are some essential upkeep tips to get you started:

Temperature Matters

Touch the headstone’s surface with your bare hand. Is the stone warm when you touch it? If this is the case, avoid using cold water to clean it, as it may result in cracks. As such, cover the stone with a blanket until the temperature drops. And if this isn’t possible, you could wash it with warm water. Also, if there’s a danger of freezing weather in the forecast, don’t try to polish a stone. Because water expands as it freezes, it might penetrate the stone’s minor fractures and develop.

Use Cleaning Tools

Removing moss and lichen is one of the most typical aspects of headstone cleaning, while water and a hand scrapper are a beginner’s way to deal with both. Meanwhile, spraying water on the growth using a spray bottle or pump sprayer causes it to plume, making it simpler to scrape off, while experts recommend using a plastic knife for the work. They also warn against putting a plastic car windscreen scrapper on headstones since the edge can be chipped away, rendering the scrapper useless for further use. You can also use dedicated brushes, whereas toothbrushes and toothpicks are perfect for finer work around the headstone inscriptions.

No Chemical-Based Cleaning Solutions

Several workshops creating signature headstones in Paramus, NJ, also sell cleaning solutions meant specifically for headstones. However, regular home cleaners should not be used since they contain chemicals that might harm headstones. So, opt for a cleaning solution that uses no toxic chemicals to combat fungal and algae growth.

Invest in a Stable Headstone Foundation

One of the most severe risks to a headstone is toppling. And in the absence of a stable headstone foundation, you can observe signs of soil erosion, cement cracking, or tilting. In that case, you should call the cemetery’s owner or manager to make sure there isn’t a more significant issue at hand, such as shifting or subsurface water seepage. You could also restore any eroded soil to its former level to give your loved one’s gravestone a more secure base. However, to avoid all these hassles, choosing a headstone with a solid foundation is best, while granite headstones are usually preferred for this reason.

Headstone maintenance is an important responsibility. And equipped with the tips mentioned above, you can honor your loved one’s memory with an immaculate memorial without worrying about its durability in the long run.

If we lived in a world where there are no choices, it wouldn’t be too hard to do skincare. Unfortunately, there are so many product options out there, and it doesn’t help that there are various skin types that react differently to each product either. When you put both those factors together, skincare becomes a complicated guessing game. That is, unless you know how to care for your product and actually give it the love it deserves.

Sheet masks are some of the most popular skincare products out there. But even they can be a hit or miss depending on how you use them. Here’s how to get the sheet mask application game on point:

Choose One Type of Sheet Mask First

There are a hundred varieties to choose from, and you might feel overwhelmed thinking of how many you want to try. Go slowly and just choose one. It doesn’t matter what you choose when you buy sheet masks online, because this will be your first try. You can either get it right or wrong. When you choose that first sheet mask, consider your skin’s needs. Does it need brightening, hydrating, or rejuvenating? Then, think of the active ingredients that you prefer. Most sheet masks are loaded with nutrients, but if you have allergies or react badly to one type of fruit, you might not want to go with that. Choose an alternative with the same vitamins.

Try it Daily

Daily is the default when it comes to sheet masks, because their effects on your skin don’t usually last long. If you wear a sheet mask tonight, go to bed, and rinse your face with just water in the morning, your skin will benefit from the mask for a couple of hours longer. Then, the next night, it’s time for another mask. This is what normal skin can take, which is why it’s the standard.

Lessen According to Results

For oily skin, you might notice that piling loads of makeup may increase oil production, which may result in an uncomfortable greasy feeling. If this is the case, try lessening your use of a sheet mask, which has a high concentration of serum. This might be too heavy on oily skin, but applying the sheet mask every other day could resolve the issue. If you find that that still leads to oily skin, wear a sheet mask that’s not oil-based, and use it two times a week.

Wearing Sheet Masks More Often

For those with damaged or very dry skin, the opposite might be tested. You can wear a light mask in the morning and another at night, as long as your skin is not acne prone. If this gives you brighter and more nourished skin, you can keep using the product at this pace, but if you notice breakouts, go back to using the product once a day.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule to wearing sheet masks. It’s up to you to figure out what works best for your skin. No matter how great a product, if you’re applying it incorrectly, it might backfire on your skin.