You may know that most of the evidences of CBD’s health benefits are basically accounts of users. There is no definite answer to how long will it take for CBD to take effect. However, obviously you can get a rough idea of it by comparing the different modes of CBD administration and other underlying factors.

Stocking Your CBD

Since you have started a CBD routine you would want to keep the stocks full so that you don’t miss out on your regular supplement. So, how long will a 250mg CBD gummy bears jar last? It again depends on the dose that works for you. You can calculate the dose by seeing the number of gummies and CBD content per jar. JustCBD gives you the best deal with their high-quality CBD gummies which comes in sugar-free and vegan varieties. You can be assured of the quality as they have third party certification and all of the products are made in the U.S.A.

CBD Taking Affect in Different Formats

  1. Ingestion – Ingested edibles goes through the digestive system to the liver for absorption into the system. So, you can already guess that it takes a long time to take effect, probably more than an hour. But, at the same time it remains in the system for the longest.
  2. Sublingual – Along with CBD tinctures, some of the edibles are absorbed sublingually. In this process you don’t need to swallow the product. The mucous lining in the mouth and vessels under the tongue absorb the CBD within 60 seconds and shows effect in 10-20 minutes.
  3. Inhalation – You can say that the fastest way to get CBD in to your system is definitely through inhalation. You can use vape pen to get the vape juice to the lungs in few minutes. You would be surprised know that it hardly takes around 3 minutes to take effect.
  4. Topical – Though it might take an hour and half for skin absorption it the best method when dealing with localized pain or muscle aches. Another important part of the using this method is that it does not have transdermal absorption i.e., it does not penetrate the blood stream. So, you can use it abundantly even if it has more THC content.

Other Factors Influencing CBD’s Time to Take Affect

  • Body composition & metabolism

Heavy body mass would require higher concentration of CBD to work the same way like others. Taking medicine on a regular basis can slow down your metabolic process and secretion of digestive enzyme. So, it might take longer to absorb the CBD. CBD through ingestion can take effect faster with good metabolism, but at the same time it would be flushed out of the system sooner.

  • Accompanying food

Since CBD is fat soluble, fatty foods can boost the bioavailability of CBD and speed up the process to some extent. Apart from that if you take CBD with lots of food it would take more time digest.

  • Quality of CBD

This is a concern not only for asserting the time of effect, but also for your health. Unnatural and harmful ingredients can ruin the effects CBD would have.

You should always look out for declaration in the label of the product for all the information you need to know about it.


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