There is bound to be a harness model that will suit your needs. Are you athletic and want to share this moment with your dog in order to spend it too? In this case, adequate equipment will be necessary. Of course, you will have to adapt your equipment according to the discipline practiced in order to guarantee the comfort of your French bulldog.

For Trips by Car

If you have opted for the seat belt attachment in order to transport your Frenchie Dog in the car, it will then be essential to attach it to a harness and especially not to a collar. Indeed, in the event of an accident, if your dog is attached to a flat collar, there are risks for his safety in the event of a big impact in particular. A harness will therefore be essential to guarantee the safety and comfort of your dog during your journeys by car.

Safety reminder: Know that your dog must be tied up in the car or installed in the trunk with a grid or a dividing net, but he can also be in a cage. In any case, it must never be free in the passenger compartment of your car because it could become a projectile in the event of an accident, but also prevent the emergency services from intervening in complete safety.

For Education:

There are walking aid harnesses. Indeed, if your dog pulls a lot on his leash, it may be interesting to change the equipment and use anti-traction harnesses in order to change his sensitivity, limit the pulling effect and allow your dog to learn to no longer pull on his leash. Its harnesses are very effective and very practical provided they are used correctly.

For Aesthetics:

There is such a multitude of range, breeds and different colors of harnesses, that many owners are tempted because their dog is simply beautiful dressed in a harness with specific colors and patterns. This is completely understandable and the only advice if choosing a harness for its beauty is to make sure that your dog is comfortable with his harness and that it is suitable for your needs.


The “H” Harness is the most common and classic model of harness of the French Bulldog. Its name comes simply from the shape of the straps that form the letter “H”. Overall this harness is very practical to put on even if it will be necessary to put the front legs of the dog in the straps.

In addition, it is quite comfortable for the dog. However, it is recommended to choose a pleasant material and rather wide straps in order to avoid friction on the front legs of the dog, which can irritate him especially if he tends to pull a lot on a leash.


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