If you are from Toms River, NJ, you know about its pleasant summers. The kids always want to play out. And picnics have become the norm. The urge to live outside can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, that is not a faraway dream. With modern-looking and comfortable residential brick-paved patios in Toms River, NJ, you can enjoy the weather at home. In 2022, there are hundreds of designs to choose from. From modern ones to traditional ones, the possibilities are endless.

Read on to discover the many styles of brick paved patio omaha ne and find the perfect one for your home.

Why brick-paved patios?

Brick is a tried and tested material for constructing residential patios. It offers a unique aesthetic that can be styled to complement both traditional and contemporary architecture.

Clay bricks are a classic option for making patios because they:

  • Retain their rich, warm color
  • Are low maintenance
  • It can be easy to install
  • Are a cost-friendly option

Brick patios are versatile and hence, a timeless favorite. They can be used in many ways and are easy to style.

Brick wall dividers

To add a modern touch to your standard brick patio, you can:

  • Segment the patio into different sections.
  • Each section can be dedicated to some purpose like dining, seating, etc.
  • The separation can be done using beautiful brick walls
  • You can stack the bricks diagonally to leave tiny spaces between them
  • Doing so creates stable partitions of brick that give the same feel as curtains

These brick wall dividers give your classic patio a sleek, modern look. You can even add candles in the gaps at night for an elegant look.

Pair it with wood

Brick patios are easy and cheap to construct. However, they can also look plain and boring.

To spice things up, consider pairing it up with wooden accessories. You can:

  • Use wooden furniture to create a seating and dining area
  • Build an overhead shed using wood to cover the area
  • Use long wooden beams to create an open roof and hang chandeliers or ball lights
  • Create partitions using bamboo to segment your patio

Wooden furniture and partitions are an easy way to lend a fancy look to your simple brick patio. Thus, they are a favorite among residents when styling their patios.

Go green

To create a gorgeous effect, you can use dark bricks to make the patio and accessorize using plants. This simple addition can elevate your patio in terms of looks immensely.

A few ways to add greenery to your patio area:

  • Add ornamental leafy plants like the Snake Plant or Chinese Money Plant
  • Hang a small pot from the shed of your patio and try hanging plants like String of Pearls
  • Opt for flowering plants like Peace Lily or Pansies
  • Create a small desk and add Bonsai plants and cacti
  • Try to use monochrome pots made of fine clay or stone and add taller growing plants

You can also go for climber plants and make them go up on a wall. Or you can put them over the wooden beams of the roofing and create a mystical green roof.

Plants lend a zen vibe to your patio, making it feel more comfortable and peaceful.

Residential brick-paved patios in Toms River, NJ, are easy to install. Additionally, their versatility allows you to style them in different ways to suit the vibe of your home.

You can pair them with different elements to get the best looks and enjoy the weather outdoors.


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