Carrom is not just a game; it is a sport. It is hardly an Olympic-level competition, but it is still a lot of fun. Carrom is regarded as one of the earliest games ever devised by humans. While there are several stories about when and how carrom developed, it is undeniably one of the most cerebral games available. A single carrom game has the power to deplete a player from complex mathematics to detect patterns utterly.

Despite being one of the most popular games on the planet, Carrom has yet to be included in the Olympics. Carrom’s primary governing organization has not tried to have it included; it has on many occasions, but without success. However, why is not Carrom an Olympic sport? Here are a few reasons why carrom is not included in other Olympic sports.

Lacks Athleticism

This is the most basic reason why carrom is not in the Olympics sport. By definition, a sport is an activity in which the body is subjected to overt physical athleticism. Many people believe that Carrom is lacking in ‘physical athleticism.’ Yes, Carrom demands you to be mentally strong, yet a carrom player’s body does not engage in any overt physical exertion while playing a game and you can even play the game online. However, the International Olympic Committee recognized Carrom as a sport in 1999, when it was the closest it has ever been to being included in the Olympics.

The IOC also recognizes the World Carrom Federation or FIDE. Carrom is also one of the world’s most universal sports. Few sports can claim to have such a broad appeal. However, Carrom is still a long way from being recognized as an Olympic sport because it does not need athleticism.

Lacks Global Reach

The Olympics are one of the most popular athletic events globally. Yet, not all sports are allowed to compete, even some of our favorites, to keep the games reasonable, unlike other indoor sports such as Badminton, Tennis, and Carrom. Carrom has not reached that level of popularity throughout the world. 

Therefore, global reach is another reason why carrom is not in the Olympics and has never gained worldwide popularity. We will need to realize that each sport’s audience determines its success. In addition, the government must promote all sports equally and encourage young athletes to pursue sports careers.

Doesn’t Involve Any Physical Activity

Carrom is no longer an Olympic sport since, unlike the other sports; it does not need any physical exercise. Carrom has reduced the length of the game as a whole. It has cut down on the time it takes to produce findings, which may be crucial. 

The worldwide federation must display the greatest possible number of nations that play carrom. The federation must demonstrate that it is not just a cerebral game but also requires physical energy and mobility. Unlike other comparable games like Carrom, Carrom requires physical activity to get better outcomes.

Short Game Length

On the other hand, late carrom has cut the game duration in half, which might be crucial in getting this game into big competitions. The International Federation must promote the games around the globe, focusing on nations that are unfamiliar with the sport.

The above discussed are some of why carrom is not included in Olympics sports. There is a potential that one of the mentioned sports may be allowed again. Previous Olympic Games included polo and tug of war that are no longer part of the current schedule. These have been removed from discontinued sports due to a lack of interest or a suitable regulatory organization for the sport.

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