There’s nothing more satisfying than going home to a clean place. After a long day at work, it’s a headache when seeing unwashed dishes, cluttered items on the floor, and a dirty glass curtain from Singapore. It only adds to my stress! On top of this, I have kids that can be playful and naughty enough to make the place dirty. For this reason, I hired a professional house cleaner to keep my home clean.

But sometimes, I also clean my home, including the glass curtain and sliding window, to maintain cleanliness. To learn how I keep my home clean, we can start with the glass windows. Here are some tips I followed for keeping the glass windows spotless.

My Home Care Routine – 5 Tips For Maintaining A Spotless Sliding Window

Home care is something that every person should know. It’s a way to maintain the home’s orderliness. Plus, it shows how much I take care of my place when visitors come to my place. So, owning a condo unit has more responsibilities than I thought compared to when I was living with my parents.

I learned some home care routines that make the sliding window spotless! To make this happen, here are the tips I followed.

1. Use Squeegee For Cleaning

Of course, before starting my cleaning day,  I gather all my tools, including the squeegee. A squeegee is a cleaning equipment appropriate for a sliding glass door in Singapore and a window. On top of this, I also buy the necessary equipment like towels, sprays, and other cleaning materials. For this reason, I can speed up the cleaning routine.

2. Top To Bottom Cleaning Style

When cleaning the glass windows, I followed the top-to-bottom cleaning style because the detergent only drops. So, I cleaned the upper part of the sliding window from Singapore to keep the solution from dripping. Also, when you will also do this, make sure to stay safe while standing on a chair. I asked the help of my son to keep me stable when cleaning the windows.

3. Cleaning Corners

I also clean the window corners because they can accumulate dust and dirt. I used cotton swabs to remove the dirt or old newspaper to clean off the dirty participles. When cleaning the corners, I also ensure to use them to penetrate such small spaces. As such, I can remove all the harmful properties of the sliding window.

4. Gentle Cleaning Style

Another thing I followed was to have a gentle cleaning style to avoid breaking the glass windows. Since I’m cleaning glass, it’s essential to be careful to avoid accidents that can affect my family. So, I cleaned the sliding window, glass door and curtain with caution to prevent such events.

5. Hire A Professional Cleaner

Most importantly, I hired a professional cleaner when I was busy keeping the house clean. The cleaner also includes cleaning the shower screening in Singapore for a deep cleaning session. As such, I can be a better homeowner for my family and keep everyone safe from getting diseases.

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