Paramus, cited as a “quintessentially suburban” city in NJ, is home to nine cemeteries and a sizeable number of headstone and monument makers. So if you’re looking for signature headstones in Paramus, NJ, to honor your loved ones, you can be sure of finding befitting stone memorabilia here. Meanwhile, standard flat grave markers in Paramus start at $1,500, garden monuments for home memorialization cost around $400, and upright headstones begin at $1,700.

However, getting a headstone isn’t a problem; instead, maintaining it is the real challenge. Most people think about the monument’s design when picking a headstone (since it is a lasting tribute to a loved one), but you want the headstone to be memorable AND durable. However, external factors like rain, dust, sun, and snow influence the stones’ lifespans. And there are no shortcuts or cheap fixes when it comes to headstone maintenance. So, the following are some essential upkeep tips to get you started:

Temperature Matters

Touch the headstone’s surface with your bare hand. Is the stone warm when you touch it? If this is the case, avoid using cold water to clean it, as it may result in cracks. As such, cover the stone with a blanket until the temperature drops. And if this isn’t possible, you could wash it with warm water. Also, if there’s a danger of freezing weather in the forecast, don’t try to polish a stone. Because water expands as it freezes, it might penetrate the stone’s minor fractures and develop.

Use Cleaning Tools

Removing moss and lichen is one of the most typical aspects of headstone cleaning, while water and a hand scrapper are a beginner’s way to deal with both. Meanwhile, spraying water on the growth using a spray bottle or pump sprayer causes it to plume, making it simpler to scrape off, while experts recommend using a plastic knife for the work. They also warn against putting a plastic car windscreen scrapper on headstones since the edge can be chipped away, rendering the scrapper useless for further use. You can also use dedicated brushes, whereas toothbrushes and toothpicks are perfect for finer work around the headstone inscriptions.

No Chemical-Based Cleaning Solutions

Several workshops creating signature headstones in Paramus, NJ, also sell cleaning solutions meant specifically for headstones. However, regular home cleaners should not be used since they contain chemicals that might harm headstones. So, opt for a cleaning solution that uses no toxic chemicals to combat fungal and algae growth.

Invest in a Stable Headstone Foundation

One of the most severe risks to a headstone is toppling. And in the absence of a stable headstone foundation, you can observe signs of soil erosion, cement cracking, or tilting. In that case, you should call the cemetery’s owner or manager to make sure there isn’t a more significant issue at hand, such as shifting or subsurface water seepage. You could also restore any eroded soil to its former level to give your loved one’s gravestone a more secure base. However, to avoid all these hassles, choosing a headstone with a solid foundation is best, while granite headstones are usually preferred for this reason.

Headstone maintenance is an important responsibility. And equipped with the tips mentioned above, you can honor your loved one’s memory with an immaculate memorial without worrying about its durability in the long run.

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