Why do pills sometimes form in wool sweaters? Can a shrunk knitted sweater still be saved, and does new wool not have to be cleaned? Regardless of whether it is cotton, new wool, or cashmere: To ensure that your new sweater stays as beautiful as it was on the first day, it depends on the proper care for your knitwear. We have compiled the essential facts for you.

Knitting Care- Tips For Emergencies

Despite all the caution, it can happen that at some point, the cuddly sweater no longer looks as beautiful as it did on the first day. Whether it is a stitch, a knot, or a loss of shape – with these tips and tricks, all of this is no longer a problem.

How Do I Prevent Pilling And Pilling?


So-called pilling or the formation of pebbles and lint often occurs in fabrics with short fibres and places exposed to constant friction. To prevent pilling, you should always turn your wool sweater inside out when washing and occasionally use the lint roller over your clothes. Are the nodules already there? Then a lint shaver can help.

How Can I Take Action Against Linting Sweaters?


On the one hand, the lint can be improved by washing the knitted fabric from knitwear Singapore. Another option is a lint glove. The loose fibres are attracted by their surface and can be removed. The last option is to dampen your garment lightly and then put it in the freezer in a plastic bag. You can take your woollen sweater out again after 24 hours. In the meantime, the cold has loosened the loose fluff, and you can knock it off with the flat of your hand.

What Do I Do About An Itchy Knitted Sweater?

Knitted Sweater

If a sweater scratches, it is often related to the material used. A cold regimen can help. Alternatively, you can use wool wax or lanolin to soften the sweater a little. Lanolin is available from pharmacies. The animal sebum product is often used in creams and cosmetics because of its caring properties.

Put a teaspoon of the wool wax together with a teaspoon of washing-up liquid in hot water and dissolve both in it. Let the mixture cool down until it is about lukewarm. Soak the scratchy sweater in it. Add enough water to cover the sweater completely. Let the whole thing work for a few hours. Then gently dry the wet sweater and enjoy the soft wearing comfort.

What Do I Do With Withdrawn Threads And Stitches?


Carefully pull the stick around the stitch you have pulled. By tightening the stitches, it should be possible to bring the drawn thread back into the correct position by itself. In severe cases, a crochet hook can also help. To do this, stretch the fabric with the hole over your hand and carefully pull the fibres inwards with the crochet hook.

What Do I Do If My Knitted Sweater Has Shrunk?


Wool does not tolerate heat well and can contract and be felt when the temperature is too high. Therefore, wool should never be washed hotter than 30 ° C warm water. If your sweater accidentally shrunk in the wash cycle, this trick can help.

To save your knitted sweater that has broken in, dissolve a whole bottle of hair conditioner in lukewarm water and let the garment soak in the mixture overnight. Then you need to squeeze the liquid out of the wool carefully and then stuff it with a large towel. This is how the top dries when stretched. This procedure can be repeated several times until the sweater regains its original shape.

How To Dress Up A Knitwear

Chic Knitted – Cosy And Warm Combined!

Knitwear has become an indispensable part of our wardrobe because it is fashionable and always keeps us warm! But how do you best combine woollen sweaters? We have put together a few style suggestions for you.

Small Style Guide For Knitwear

The classic in the wardrobe is the turtleneck sweater. Combined with beautiful denim jeans singapore, we especially love the other models or oversize looks. But our favourite knitted sweater can also score points in combination with a pencil skirt.

The cardigan from Yishion fashion wear is the best companion in autumn or spring when you want to wear something light, but it’s a bit too cool outside. In addition to its warming function, the cardigan can also highlight or conceal certain parts of the body.

For example, if you want to emphasize your curves without looking too applied, use a longer cardigan with a waist belt. Combine it with shorter top and elegant trousers. Together with a couple of dark boots, you are ideally equipped for a long stroll through town.

Knitted Dress

A knitted dress made of merino or cashmere wool is the perfect companion for office and leisure. Layering, i.e., fashionable layered looks, is beautiful. Combine a beautiful white blouse with an exciting collar under your knitted dress.

In addition, a tailored coat and a pair of leather boots with thick wool socks and fine tights. Those who prefer to wear trousers can depend on the cut, transform the knitted dress into an extra-long wool sweater. Combined with leather pants, a long statement necklace, and a pair of ankle boots, you are perfectly dressed. Search for what is the best online store to buy clothes?


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