Another suggestion is to use a leader with a length between 1.2 to 2.0 meters. Besides being an additional guarantee in the fight against the fish, in the first meters. When the line wears out, we can cut it and continue using the leader typically. In this way, it also facilitates the throwing, as it does not cause as much friction on the draw frames and distributor of the reel as the knot.

Of course, try to balance a set with a low-profile reel or reel, which is most suitable for working with artificial baits. Recoil speeds between 6.2 and up are also the best options. Line capacity over 60 m with 0.35 mm diameter.

Artificial Baits

Try to take a few baits, separated to facilitate handling and choosing the right bait during fishing. Also, don’t give up selecting the best baits, divided into the three main action groups.

We can divide the groups into the surface, half-water, and bottom bait. See what each one is about:

  • Surface baits: reach little or no depth. They are used to capture specimens on the surface. Indicated for anglers who like to watch all the action of the catch and mainly visualize the fish attacks on the bait.
  • Mid-water baits: work between the sub-surface and can reach up to 1.20 m in depth. Most of them have a dewlap in front of the bait that moves in the collection with the pressure of the water.
  • Bottom baits: reaching great depths, these baits reach the fish that are deep down. The longer the dewlap, the deeper the bait sinks. Other effective baits are jigs that also reach deep places, ideal for days when the fish are tricky.

Various Models Of Artificial Fishing Lures

Accessories: Each fisher uses a range of accessories that most favor the success of their fishing. For example, some are essential to don’t have surprises and stay on hand during your adventure.

Essential Accessories In The Fishing Boat

We can mention the main accessories: pliers – containment, nose, and cutting. A good bag to store your fishing gear; bait cases that facilitate the organization by models and work activities; Snap or quick coupler for easy exchange of baits. Thread cutter and scissors; Multipurpose knife, flashlight, tube for carrying the sticks, and welcome.

Direct contact with the sun and nature, in general, requires several protection and safety measures. Thus, the fisherman must give full attention to this matter to avoid serious problems and avoid accidents during his fishing.

Look for a fishing shirt and pants that are lightweight, with sun protection. Also, don’t give up a good sunscreen above 50fps for your face and body. It is essential to use a cap, sun protection mask or buff, polarized goggles, fishing gloves. Suitable footwear to protect from contact with nature, raincoat, repellent, first aid kit, etc.

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